It’s cool you are fine with these traditional dating events. But there is something else you can try together.

Tired of same old-fashioned cinema dating? Done with pubs or cafeteria and want some intimate dates? It’s cool you are fine with these traditional dating events. But there is something else you can try together, especially when things go well, you want to learn more about your beloved one! Here are some new ideas on what to do on dating:

Grocery shopping and cook together

Save the haute cuisine in expensive French restaurant for anniversary and give the cooking date a spin. You, can start from a nearby international grocery store and choose with new recipes and ingredients. During cooking, you not only get to know your significant other’s food preference and cook level, the interaction between you two can also help to create a closed bond. When you’ve done the work, decorate your dinner feast on the floor using soft pillows. Small bites that you can feed each other will add to the romantic evening.

Movie Marathon

Sure, it’s a bit of a cliché date, movie marathon combining with the first ideas can be so much the better. A well-planned at home movie dating can no doubt win his/her favor. Prepare the delicious food and drink, a cozy blanket on the sofa, your favorite movies, and a home projector that gives you good movie experience. Imagine how at ease you will be at your little private space! You can even play tricks on theme selection, such as romantic movie or horrible movie. No need to worry about interruption anymore. But remember, the intimacy built on communications takes time and trust. Opinion sharing on movies is a good way to improve mutual understanding.

As for home projector, a budget of $600 is enough for a very decent one. For example, Xgimi Z6 Polar, a full HD home theater projector that supports 180-inch super big screen with 4K video decode and Harman Kardon sound, which can easily provide a prime viewing experience in the bedroom. Snuggle up on the couch next to each other and watch a classical romance. Doesn’t it sound good?

Road Trip

There’s no one right way to do a road trip date. In fact, trying to force yourself into one set schedule is probably the only wrong way to do it. One of the great things about a road trip date is its open-endedness.

Come up with a general route that you and your date want to follow. Music festivals can make great road trip destinations, planned or otherwise. Or simply swing by local hotspots, connecting the dots in a “greatest hits” type tour. For those in-between moments, playing road trip games is a good way to pass the time and a great way to get to know more about your date.

Recreating the story

Recalling the first date you have together. If you went out for a drink, go back to the same bar or seek for the drink. If you went to cinema, rent the same movie. Looking back to the pictures of you two is also a good choice to express your affections and care.