This is the beach in West Java’s Most Beautiful

Almost everyone knows that the island is a paradise beach. But do not have far to go to Bali to see the beautiful views of the coast. Beaches in West Java also has a view of nature that you should not miss. And of course, the beaches there were equally popular with the beaches in Bali. Well for those of you who want to enjoy the stunning coastal scenery, the following is a list of beach in West Java’s most beautiful and you must visit.

The beaches of the most popular in West Java

beach Rancabuaya


The first beach is the beach of Tanjung Layar. Bali to gili islands the beach is located in the village of Sawarna has its own uniqueness that can attract the attention of tourists. One’s unique in this beach is the presence of various kinds of rocks whose height reaches 20 meters. Many tourists who take pictures to capture the moment in a way with the rock background. Not only the beauty of the stone building, this beach also offers the beauty of the white sand and clear water.


The second is the beach darling Heulang. This beach is about 87 km from the town of Garut. Precisely, this beach is located in the village Mancagahar, Pameungpeuk. On this beach you can see a view of the cliffs and rocks are quite high. But you should be careful, because this beach has a slope which is a bit steep. Unfortunately Heulang coast is popular with tourists because it has big waves and beautiful sunrise.

Pangandaran beach

Beach with clear water and relatively gentle and low tides this is the best beach on the island of Java in the famous hotel booking website in Indonesia. Pangandaran beach is also one of the places honeymoon in Indonesia the most popular. Not only that, the beach is also very safe for swimming. In addition to Pangandaran beach, tourist attraction located in the village of Pananjung also has other attractions, namely Gua Japan Duna War II relics.Pangandaran beach


Beaches in West Java, the most beautiful is the beach next Ciantir. This beach is located not far from the beaches of Tanjung Layar. Besides beautiful beaches and white sand is soft and clean, the beach also has big waves suitable for surfing. There is also a LAYLAY cave, inside the cave there is wildlife to flow quite clear.


Next is the beach Rancabuaya. Here, you can enjoy the white sand smooth and soft as well as a view of the sunset is very beautiful. Not only that, the beach is also dotted with coconut trees and ketapan which adds to the beauty of the beach Rancabuaya itself. Therefore, during the weekends, there is no harm in visiting the beach located in the village Purbayani, this Ciringin.

Typical food East Java Most Popular

Been to City of Heroes, not complete it if you have not tasted the food there. East Java province is divided into different regions, each region in East Java, will have typical food is different. Scoot fast cruises from the curious, here is a typical food of East Java’s most popular and you must try.

Bakso Malang

The food is typical of East Java’s most Favourites


Who is not familiar with the food on this one? Meatballs is one of Indonesian cuisine worldwide . In contrast to the generally meatballs, meatball Malang has its own characteristics. If meatballs usually only roundness serve meatballs with noodles and sauce, meatballs Malang has other perks, such as fried dumplings, tofu and dumplings. In Malang, East Java alone the most famous meatballs traders are Henky Eko Sriyantono. He is a business owner meatball Malang Kota Cak Eko.


East Javanese food the second is to know tek. The name ‘Tek’ itself comes from the sound that digunakam scissors to cut out, potatoes and eggs, which reads tek tek tek. When you buy food typical of this one you will suguhi meal consisting of fried tofu, crackers, cucumber, french fries and bean sprouts. Once everything is ready, the mixture will be watered with a seasoning made from a mixture of peanut paste, garlic, water and chili.


Next is rawon, rawo is one of the specialties of East Java in the form of meat soup with black sauce. The black color of kluwak own taste. Meat is commonly used to mix rawon is beef cut into small pieces. Cuisines this one also makes use spices to add flavor typical Indonesian savory, namely chilli, garlic, shallots, galangal or ginger, beef stew, vegetable oils, lemongrass, coriander turmeric and salt and sugar.


In general, the same race as rice cake rice cake to know that we usually encounter, which consists of rice cake, fried tofu, soy sauce, chili sauce, paste and bean sprouts. The name itself comes from the racing cake when the food is sold in very heavy barrel. This makes the seller must run quickly. So it seems like people would race.


Salad is the food very delicious when consumed while relaxing or gathering with friends. One type of salad you can take is salad cingur. Traditional food from Surabaya’s most popular. What distinguishes this salad with salad is the existence of rice cake, bendoyo, cingur, tofu and tempeh in the mix rujan cingur.

Now that’s some food typical of East Java’s most popular. Read also the article about culinary tour in Semarang and surrounding areas.

Benefits Push Up For Men Muscle If Do Every Day

In my opinion, push-ups are the most effective exercise to improve fitness. Exercise offers a variety of health benefits for people who do good stretching and cardio vascular exercises, all in one workout. For starters, push-ups can be very difficult because there are many muscles involved. Many muscles are used to practice in the body of a novice. In fact, even many people who have experienced such veterans (retired soldiers) have difficulty in doing push-ups for the secondary and stabilizer muscles they are not trained.

Benefits Push Up For Men Muscle If Do Every Day

Push ups are one of the many benefits of exercise that you can do without the need to buy expensive exercise equipment. Push ups are the most effective exercises you can do if you want to improve fitness. The reason for this exercise combines weight lifting, cardiovascular and stretching exercises in one workout. You do not need to go to the gym to do this exercise because you do not need a lot of space to do so. For starters, do push ups may be difficult because many muscles are involved.

This type of exercise targets the muscles of the chest, which is located on the wall of the chest and triceps, which are the muscles in the upper arm. In addition, this exercise also targets the deltoids, the muscles in the shoulder, three groups of muscles that run the length of the arms and the muscles that includes eight first rib on both sides of your body. That is why you will feel the pain after doing push ups exercise, especially if you have never exercised before or stretch.

To get the benefits of exercise push ups we do, not just a matter of the amount of exercise, not how many times or how regularly we do push ups. But how perfect push up the quality of what we do. Push ups are a body weight exercise first thing I do. When I first started doing it, I lost a lot of fat in the body in a relatively short time. It allows me to start doing other body weight exercises that previously never been able to do. One is pull up.

Push-ups have long touted as one of the joint exercises are the best of all time. This exercise develops core muscles of the back, abdomen and pelvis. It will also strengthen the muscles of the arms and chest.This exercise is a routine component of weight training program that can be done at home or at the gym like Gym. And do not forget, this exercise is a form of punishment favorite high school teacher punishes you when you are in school.Fortunately, the benefits offered by push-up exercises can be much greater if you do regularly every day.

While push-ups can be done in the traditional way, that is, without the help of any sports equipment, portable equipment known as push-ups stand now increasingly popular. It is made of durable lightweight metal with circular shape. But by using any of your workout push ups, push ups training course that helps.

What are the benefits of exercise push ups? Actually there are many benefits of push ups and some of which will be described diawah this.

  1. Build muscle strength. You might think that the push-up is not so much helping muscle strength compared to other exercises. But, in fact you could actually be stronger if doing push-ups because you have to manage most of your own body is certainly not easy to do. I often laugh at people when I heard them say that the push-up is easy, but nobody likes to do push-ups. Even in a year that they may never do so. If this exercise is very “easy” and why so many people complain unable to do push-ups until 40 or 50 times? Another factor is that there are many ways of doing push-ups to make it more of a challenge by manipulating the distribution of your weight. Push ups are a great exercise to build strength.
  2. When you do push-ups many times as part of your workout routine, you will realize some of the benefits gained by your body, one of which could increase human growth hormone and increase overall muscle growth. This is the hidden benefits of exercise push ups are not known by many people because they just do push-ups exercises as additional exercises only, not as the main exercise. Exercise push-ups are exercises to build strength and endurance.If you plan to use push-ups as a chest exercise, then I urge you to do this and do a lot of exercise as often as possible, and set your goals to complete between 500 to 1000 times the push-ups every day.
  3. Push ups helps muscles and toning your muscles, that’s why push up into a good exercise to lose weight. Push-ups are exercises that involve your body a boost from a prone position on the floor where your body straight and your body weight rested only on your hands and toes. when the back muscles to contract you should keep back and legs to keep it straight, it also affects the muscles of your stomach so that it can affect your stomach muscles.

If you are still wondering and still are not sure whether the push-up is really good for you, you do not need to believe in the 3 benefits already written above. But try to take the time to learn more and to do so immediately so that you can immediately feel the benefits. If proven, you can access more articles on this blog for free to learn more.

Choosing Umrah Travel Trusted? Here are smart tips

Choosing a trustworthy Umrah travel is not difficult nowadays. Lately we are often heard, read and watched through the media how they frequent occurrence of fraud experienced by prospective Umrah pilgrims are mostly done by unscrupulous travel / trip organizer pilgrimage (PPIU) are not responsible alias deceptive.

Image result for tips memilih agen umroh

Society needs to be given easy access to umrah murah 2017  information about profiles organizer / travel that can be responsible for legality so as to obtain clear information travel anywhere that has or who do not have an operating license for the Hajj and Umrah from MORA.

Role KABID Hajj and Umrah at the provincial and district throughout Indonesia and the Association of Hajj and Umrah are expected to educate the public about the travel official organizers of Umrah so that fraud experienced by people who want the pilgrimage and Umrah does not happen again, as is often the case during this.

In order to help people to be free from fraud by unscrupulous travel irresponsible, I try to share the following five smart tips in choosing a travel Umrah pilgrimage so that you smoothly and avoid fraud:

1. Choosing Umrah Travel That Has Officially Registered on MORA

The first thing most crucial and critical conducted by Umrah pilgrims when they wanted to choose a travel Umrah is checking the legality of the travel status will be selected. Pilgrimage trip organizer or often abbreviated to PPIU must be registered and obtained permission from MORA RI. Beware of travel that has not been officially registered and have been licensed as PPIU of MORA as deluded as very high risk.

How do I know whether it’s an official travel or not? Lightly, there are three ways to do;

  • The first one you can directly go to the local Ministry in each area, and then ask the clerk there PPIU official list, to find out if the travel would you choose it on their list.
  • The second way is to try and open internet access official website following MORA: Please you find and check whether the Umrah travel there or not on the list PPIU provided by MORA. If there is no means yet registered and do not have official permission MORA.
  • The third way you can check the Hajj and Umrah travel official and has permission from the Ministry PPIU by contacting the call center Hajj 1500-425 to obtain complete information.

    2. Certainty Departure Schedule

    Quota visa for any dates should be owned by every travel Umrah. So that the majority bureau official pilgrimage organizers, based quota is already no longer worry for the purchase / booking air seat and back.So that details the name of the airline, date and hour of departure to and from the airports of origin and destination is very clear.

    If there is a travel umroh who claims to have official permission as PPIU of MORA but can not provide the data scheduled departure in detail, as an example there is an agency that only provide data departures only a month only and the data is the name of the airline is still an estimate only, then it is very strange and needs to be watched by Umrah pilgrims.

Some of the benefits of Orange Lemon Should Know

Did you know that the benefits of lemon it very much and very profitable? The genus Citrus (citrus family) are known to be rich in benefits that are similar to one another, but actually also has a specific benefits of each. This is because the percentage of each type of citrus nutritional content vary. Lemon may include citrus varieties consumed much less compared to other citrus fruits, this may be because the price is quite expensive. Lemon has been more widely used as a flavor enhancer and to drinks.

Some of the benefits of Orange Lemon Should Know

Eating citrus lemon has a very good for health, can prevent various diseases, and can also be used as a natural treatment for various diseases. In fact, this fruit can be used to help weight loss diet . Here are reviews more.

What are the Benefits of Orange Lemon Essential to Your Health?

According to the USDA, one lemon raw unpeeled (about 58 grams) contains 17 calories, 0.6 grams protein, 0.2 grams of fat and 5.4 grams of carbohydrates (including sugars and fiber). Lemons also contain a lot of vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B-6, pantothenic acid, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. If you eat a lemon course of the day, your daily vitamin C needs are met. With so many varying nutritional content makes the lemon juice has many benefits for the body, such as the following:

  • Lowering the Risk of Stroke and Heart Attack

According to the American Heart Association, the benefits of lemon juice when consumed in adequate amounts lots and routine is can lower a woman’s risk for a stroke of apoplexy. The research data they say that the group of women who consumed the lemon turned out to have a 19% lower risk of stroke than those who did not consume lemon.Lemon juice also reduces the risk of heart attack because of the benefits that can protect blood vessels from cholesterol accumulation.

  • Preventing Cancer

The disease of cancer is one type of disease that is dangerous and deadly. One of the causes of cancer in the body is due to the excessive free radicals and disrupt the body’s systems. Lemons have lots of antioxidants (vitamin C), which can work to deter and neutralize free radicals that protect against cancer.

  • Maintaining Healthy Skin

Collagen, which is one of the constituent substances of human skin is affected by the levels of vitamin C in the body. The formation of collagen will get better and optimal when vitamin C in the body in adequate amounts. This means that the benefits of lemons are high in vitamin C will maintain healthy skin, reduce skin wrinkles and improve skin quality.

  • Help stabilize pH Body

The balance of acid and alkaline body is important for health. The study states that the body tends to acidic pH is not good for the body’s metabolism. One of the other benefits of lemon juice is able to neutralize the excess acid in our body. Uniquely, the acidic nature of lemon will be converted into a base when it reached the stomach, so it can also be used for a natural cure heartburn . Unique properties of lemon is also beneficial to break up kidney stones.

  • Shortness of Breath or prevent asthma

Benefits of the lemon which is very useful for those who suffer from asthma. The risk of asthma could be prevented with adequate intake of vitamin C that the body needs.Research shows the vitamin C is quite turned rarer asthma attacks compared with those who did not take vitamin C regularly.

Know the difference Hajj Umrah Worship

Paket umrah ramadhan ,Who are the Muslims who do not know what it is and what it is Hajj pilgrimage? Of all Muslims know and minimal’ve heard. The Hajj and Umrah is one of the pillars of Islam which must be fulfilled for those who can afford it. Iibadah Hajj and Umrah is a pilgrimage that is not easy to run because this service can not be done except in the Holy Land of Mecca.

Every Muslim must have really wanted to set foot in Mecca to perform the Hajj and Umrah but the desire is sometimes constrained by several factors, especially the problem because it does not cost a small fee that was issued when you want to run the Hajj and Umrah.

differences in Hajj and Umrah
However, before discussing more about the Hajj and Umrah, you need to know what is the sense of Hajj and Umrah it? Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam in the teachings of Islam. Because this worship is the worship tukun is mandatory, but it is mandatory for those who afford it. able in this case is not only capable in financial terms, but also in terms of health, mental and other things.

The Hajj is a worship that can only be carried out once a year, which was held on 9 Dzulhijah. While understanding of the pilgrimage is a legal worship sunna or not required to be implemented and time to run this service is free except during the execution time of the pilgrimage.

Many people do not know what the difference between Hajj and pilgrimage. And there is a worship that is considered the same as equally executed in the Holy Land of Mecca. In terms of the above actually already be known what is the difference between the pilgrimage to the pilgrimage. However, there are some other things that the difference between Hajj and Umrah. Well, u tuk fuller and details, we recommend that you consider the following reviews make it even know the difference pilgrimage to pilgrimage. Happy reading.

Execution time
The first thing is the difference between Hajj and Umrah is the timing of implementation. Earlier had also been explained in the sense that the pilgrimage is done at one time and the pilgrimage can be done in free time but when the time comes pilgrimage. For the Hajj, the implementation time only once in a year ie on 9 Dzulhijah to 13

Dzulhijahsaja. so it is not a pilgrimage if conducted outside these times. As for the pilgrimage, implementation is more free and flexible, which can be done at any time, on any day except days where dilakukakanya pilgrimage ie on 9 Dzulhijah. In addition to these dates, pilgrimage unworkable. So, who became the first difference may be generally known is the second time the implementation of such worship. it is very reasonable, if the queue is very long run hajj and length. But not when you want to do the pilgrimage because of the time that is free so there will be no anteran when you want to run pilgrimage.

Law of worship
The second difference between the pilgrimage to the pilgrimage after the execution time is the law of worship itself. As already known to the definition above that the pilgrimage with the Hajj has different laws. Existing law on the Hajj is obligatory. Mandatory referred to in the law Hajj is obligatory for every Muslim who can afford. Capable of being mentioned here is not only capable of in terms of financial or property, but it is also demanded to be physically and mentally.

So, if so be mandatory for someone who is old and inadequate in physical fal in the hajj. why physical and mantal also needed? yes, because unlike other worship, the Hajj is a worship that requires a process and a long time. No such prayer is only done five minutes each to do so, the pilgrimage has some technical procedures that lead time and a long process. So the physical and mental factors also strongly emphasized, if it is not able at one Hajj becomes obligatory. In contrast to the Hajj, the law for the pilgrimage is sunnah.

There are some scholars who said that the law is a mandatory pilgrimage for capable but also mentioned that the law is sunnah muakad pilgrimage. But the scholars of dissent in the above can be concluded that the law is sunnah pilgrimage, but will become mandatory if given by a person who is able to like a pilgrimage. but in terms of law between the first two meetings with the Hajj pilgrimage have differences.

Rituals or procedures for implementation.
The third thing is the difference of the pilgrimage to the pilgrimage is in terms of the procedures for its implementation. The third thing is a very fundamental difference however is not often known by many people. The Hajj has different procedures for the implementation of the procedures of the pilgrimage. However ordinances pilgrimage more than the procedures of pilgrimage, so it can be said that if the hajj pilgrimage also means executing. The pillars that must be exercised in any pilgrimage is the intention, tawaf and sai (jogged), tahalul or cutting hair.

While the pillar or the procedure that must be done if the pilgrimage is the whole pillar that of the pillars of pilgrimage and also coupled with pillars such as wuquf at Arafat, mabit or stay at Mudzalifah and Mina, and the pillars of the latter is throwing jumroh , Now, by knowing the pillars of Hajj and pilgrimage, it can be seen that the pillars of Hajj is the pilgrimage pillar covers. But the pillars of Umrah only part of the pillars of Hajj.

Here above is three perbedaanyang exist between the Hajj and pilgrimage. Not only time, but also law enforcement and also the procedure of execution is also very different. The difference is expected to add your knowledge to worship will carry become lighter and easier.

However, the most important and need to be considered here is about the intentions are often wrong or distorted. Whenever the implementation, any implementation of the most important law is all that just to worship Allah not intend the other then you do worship God willing worship useful and accepted. May be useful.

Mandatory equipment list Umrah pilgrimage carried in your part2

In addition to a prayer book, bring rosary beads either regular or digital rosary. For convenience, choose a digital rosary because you do not need to remember how much dhikr until you read. You know enough to see how the numbers listed in the digital rosary. Bring also a map of the city of Mecca, especially in the area of the Haram. The extent of this region make worshipers often got lost. Therefore, the presence of the map could help pilgrims get lost because when separated from the group. Umrah ramadhan

Hasil gambar untuk Pakaian yang tepat digunakan saat umroh

Medicine Personal

Travel agency as an institution that brings you to the Holy Land is certainly providing medical supplies as first aid in case of health problems in the congregation. But medical supplies are provided of course not everything suits you. So bring personalized medicine in case you are attacked by the disease. Bring medications in the form of tablets or capsules and avoid carrying liquid medicines. Liquids like this are usually forbidden to carry while traveling by plane. If drug will be confiscated at the airport.

In addition to drugs as first aid if body disease, take supplements endurance enhancer. Honey or other supplements made from honey with the form of tablets or capsules, as well as black cumin or commonly known as Habbatu Sauda is an example of a supplement that can be taken. With this supplement the immune system will be maintained. KTA air is different from the place of origin, as well as physical activity can lead to hefty exhausting the immune system weakens. With the intake of supplements are safe for your body, your body’s health can be maintained. Fit body will make the process run smoothly worship.

Personal protective gear

The hot air and the possibility of infectious diseases from the air to make the pilgrims must be vigilant in protecting themselves. In addition to supplements and medications bring personal protective equipment away from the heat and the air that carry the disease. Masks as a protection from polluted air, small umbrella and sunglasses as protection from the sun, as a protective hand gloves and slippers to footwear can bring. This equipment is recommended to be taken to protect the body from disease pilgrims and heat. Masks became mandatory objects since 2014 because of the possibility of disease Mers attacking worshipers airborne.


Travelling pilgrimage from leaving to return back to their homeland will need a minimum of 8 days. Therefore, toiletries must be prepared. Bring soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and towels. Bring your toiletries in one container making it easier for you to look for it. Bring your cosmetic supplies such as lotions and creams to prevent your skin from becoming dry and rough. The hot air in the Holy Land can cause skin to become dry and will certainly make you uncomfortable. Bring fragrances allowed origin is not used when still in the time of Ihram. Because at the time of Ihram unlawful use of fragrances do.

Communications equipment

Currently the communication equipment can not be taken away from someone. Even so with Umrah pilgrims, the mobile phone becomes mandatory items to carry. Bring mobile phones allow you to contact the relatives at home. So that communication can be established despite the distance apart, take the phone along with its charger. If possible carry a spare battery or POWERBANK so that you are not afraid to run out of battery in the middle of the road.

Prepare the prime card number or card Saudy local supports for use in the country. Register the card so that it can be used to contact family at home. Or if you are a kind of mobile phone iPhone or android, buy internet packages so that you can call your family to use the video call service such as Skype.

New HP Buying Tips To Not Disappointed

If we had the opportunity to stroll at the mall or point of sale and purchase HP, often we see people buying new HP directly. However, not infrequently also encountered prospective buyer is confusion with the new HP will be purchased due to the many new brands on offer and they do not have a plan as to what the new HP will be purchased.

Many of us who chose the new HP because HP see our friend had a nice and interesting. There also are persuaded ads, with super sweet deals going to the features of which is actually not that they need. Or as above, just come to the home without planning a counter HP HP what to buy. As a result, sometimes we regret that HP purchased does not match the needs.

new phone

There are some tips that we can actually do before purchasing a new HP so that later did not regret.

Adjust to your needs
There are many reasons when we decided to buy a new HP. There are as yet have HP, HP lost, want more features of HP already owned, or just a simple reason for wanting to be able to communicate through calls and SMS. But certainly, there is one reason for the need when we want to buy a new HP.

Choose sesui needs it. No need to buy a new HP advanced photo features that do not like the photos, do not select the advanced music features that did not like the music, you need to find who can surf if it does not need the internet via HP.

Do a search or searching
Having met the criteria of HP needed, do a search on the internet. This is the easiest way to find the desired new HP ranging from specifications, features up to the price.
Or you can also find information through a special tabloid HP. Although more limited way than looking on the Internet, but it could be an alternative if you do not have time to access the internet.

Find alternatives
At least this could be a plan B if the new HP selected was not found in the local counter. Rather than have to go far away to other places, it is better to buy a new HP that also according to the needs. More efficient and not a lot of waste of time.

Check the condition of the goods and completeness
If you’ve met the new HP would be purchased, before it is paid to ensure that no defect and all the features work well. Check the HP identity number or IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) to determine the quality by typing * # 06 # , IMEI number will appear automatically. note the number seventh and eighth
Number 00 means made in France, the best quality.

No. 01 or 10 is made in Finland, the quality is quite good
Number 08 or 80 means made in Germany, the quality passable
Number 02 or 20 artificial means Asia, the quality under the above countries.
What if the IMEI numbers not bring up any of the numbers above? That means HP by unknown or often called HP bulging. Better to buy a new HP else or buy a used HP quality .

To know about the updates and information about the latest price list gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and others please visi Information About Gadget and Technology.

Organizing Tips Without Living Room Sofa Or Chair

Best for everyone who visited our shelter is an obligation we as hosts, both in terms of which we give a dinner or a place which provide for the guests, therefore we must be smart in arranging or decorating the room can start from the selection of wall paint colors, furniture and sofa or chair as a seat, but what if the guest rooms do not have a couch or chair, now on this occasion we will give you some tips to organize a living room without a sofa or chair.

living room without sofa beautiful

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The living room is without a discount seating is usually known by the term the living room sitting on the floor, the concept of a living room like this have many applied long ago in developed countries like Japan and the middle east, the advantages that we can get is the impression of a warm and close the in can be a guest with the owner of the house, usually the living room is relying on a rug or a table that is designed specifically for the living room without a sofa or chair, to create a model that one guest is to make it look more beautiful is not easy enough to be there certain tips that you should know, therefore we have prepared some tips arranging the living room without sofa or chair so beautiful, for more details, we see directly below.

How to Arrange Living Room Sofa Or Without Using Seat To Look Beautiful And Comfortable
If you intend to make your living room without sofa or chair you should use the carpet instead of the couch as a sitting area, choose the living room carpet that matches the size of the living room, now that it looks not monotonous choose a carpet that has coraka motifs and colors aligned for a balance and be able to build a beauty in the living room.

Then you can put a pillow or table that is created specifically for the living room without a seat, and to avoid the room empty patio or hollow, you can play on the side of the wall, you can put a painting and other handicrafts that adds your beautiful guest room, to further details, here is an example of a living room without a sofa or chair .

That was some examples of the design of the living room without sofa or chair that you can make a benchmark in designing the living room of your dwelling, maybe that’s all we can say on this occasion may be beneficial.

Baron Beach Tourism With Culinary Arts, The sea

Southern coast of Java is famous for beach tourism is very diverse. Starting from the beach which is located in the east end to the beach located on the western tip of Java. Baron is one of the beaches located at the south coast of Java with natural and culinary variety sea is not so well known. Of it in this article we will give a little information Baron beach tourism as an additional reference your travel.

Baron Beach Tourism With Culinary Arts, The sea

Gili cat fast boat review .Baron may not like the names of the other beaches in the south coast of Java, which is usually the name of its beaches most synonymous with the word or the Java language. But the beach baron impression using the name of the beach that are outside the State because his name sounded like a foreign name.

So it’s only after we’ve searched for, it turns out the beach with a variety of seafood cuisine is derived from the name of a Dutch aristocrat named Baron Skeber. It is said that this Skeber Baron is a Dutch nobleman who has supernatural powers, previously he had leaned his ship right on the beach, now named Baron.

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Baron has a characteristic beach-shaped basin. Just off the coast there are plenty of boat tours and fishing boats lined seemed to form a neat formation, around the coast there are many tourist sites of unique culinary sea like cooking tiger shrimp, white pomfret, snapper and tuna. For you lovers of culinary course the beach is perfect for you because in addition to enjoying the panoramic beauty of the beach sand is fine, you also can enjoy the fine cuisine the sea at the beach baron.

The uniqueness of the beach Baron is there water flows underground water flowing towards the sea and formed a river, and the more unique sugai although very close to the sea, but the water is tasteless. For those of you who do not dare to swim in the sea, you can play around and swim in the river underground. In addition to swimming in the sea and on the underground river and enjoy a culinary tour around Baron, you can climb a hill located in around the coast for a panoramic view Baron beach is so beautiful.

Baron Beach Tourism With Culinary Arts, The sea
Although tourists are allowed to swim in the Baron, but you must remain cautious and still get control because the beach is always crowded during the holiday season arrives this has waves were fairly big, you have to comply with regulations such as the prohibition to not cross the boundaries of the beach which has been determined for the sake of your safety, so the risk of things that are not desired can be minimized so that you can play around and enjoy the fun swim at the beach baron.

Towards Access Locations Baron

Location Attractions Baron is in Ds. Kemadang, district. Tanjungsari, Kab. Gunung. Access to the beach Baron easy enough where you can use a private car or by public transport. For these public transportation, from the Bus Station please majors Wonosari bus ride costs around Rp. 7000, -. After arriving at the terminal next Wonosari Wonosari rising foam again subject – Baron costs around Rp. 5000, -, which is the last you fall in Turkish Baro. How to access, easy enough right?

Baron had the fish auction because citizens around the beach baron many fishermen. Amenities available of which there are rides game, so for those of you who together with her son, this beach will provide suasanya beauty with the added joy when seeing your son or daughter play in a vehicle such games. Or for those who want to sail around the coast, you can ride a boat engine for rent there. If you want to buy souvenirs for the family at home, you can buy it in totko souvenirs that surround the beach.

Well, so little information about the ” Travel Baron naval With Culinary Arts “. Hopefully useful and can provide additional reference your travel. Oh yes, for those of you who have additional information or who never travel to the beach baron, please comment below to supplement the information we provide.